Available as a photographer or cinematographer 

Between stills and motion is what I like most. Whenever fits I opt for long shots and contemplative, here is where the magic happens. Let me invite you to check these beautiful cinematic shots in Retrato de Boipeba and Horizonte Profundo.



My name is Gabriel Coimbra and I was born in Bahia, Brazil (1982). As a geographer and photographer I try to portray beyond spaces and reflect on its human-nature duality.

I have been working since (2008) with cameras both still and motion for sports events, shows and festivals, also as DoP for a TV programs and some independent projects.

I worked for Brasil Ride MTB, Sofar Sounds, Festival Internacional de Artistas de Rua, also running projects in Pantanal, Bahia Experience, Contrastes do Velho Chico Expedition, Brazilian Day Stockholm. 


My Work

As a professional my goal is to use photography and audiovisual as a tool for projects that have nature, sports, and the culture of social welfare and technological development as priorities. I would to work with brands and projects with this commercial or corporate vision. 

I always try the best aesthetics and composition to enchance the imagetic result. These shorts films was nominee for a film competition in Brazil: 

Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema (Bahia). 

Circuito Penedo de Cinema (Alagoas).



I have been selling some nice Art prints. Contact me if want something specially, or if you like any picture here. 

You will be impressed.

+55 71 999 785 751

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